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Surprised by the high price the dealer quoted for your transponder key replacement? Looking for something a little cheaper? Then call Locksmiths Randwick, we are the low cost leaders in transponder key replacements and duplicates.

Transponder keys are the “Cadillac” of keys, and come with a price as vehicle owners quickly discover when it comes time for a replacement or duplicate. The dealer’s cost is higher than high, and not any ordinary locksmith can replace or duplicate a transponder key. Locksmiths Randwick is an experienced locksmith knowledgeable in transponder key replacements and duplicates.


Transponder Keys

Transponder keys are not the typical key simply because of the high tech construction. In a transponder key is a microchip that is programmed to communicate with the computer onboard the vehicle. The microchip is coded specific to the vehicle’s computer for an identical match which allows the vehicle to respond. The key allows the owners to open the door to the car and with some, start the vehicle, with just a touch of a button. When the unique sequence specific to the vehicle does not match, the vehicle will not respond, nor will it start should the transponder key be placed in its ignition.


Locksmiths Randwick Transponder Key Services

Locksmiths Randwick provides all suburbs of Randwick with transponder key services. Unlike the dealer, we do not charge an arm and a leg; in fact, we charge a fraction of the cost of the dealer.

Transponder key replacements and duplicates take a knowledgeable locksmith. There is much involved in the process of duplicating and replacing the keys. Computer programming and coding is necessary. While not all locksmiths in Randwick have the specific codes or knowledge necessary to perform an action, Locksmiths Randwick do. We are experienced in programming and coding and provide vehicle owners in Randwick with transponder key duplicates and replacements of both foreign and domestic vehicles.

We serve vehicle owners of all makes and models whether a Nissan, Lexus, Suzuki, Volvo, Toyota, Subaru, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Jaguar, or any other vehicle.


24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Services

When you’ve locked your transponder key in your vehicle, or worse yet, it breaks in the ignition or you’ve lost the key, you need the quick response of an emergency locksmith in Randwick.

At Locksmiths Randwick, we provide 24 hour emergency locksmith services. Like all our locksmith services, our 24 hour emergency locksmith Randwick services are also offered at affordable prices. Our emergency locksmiths are fully licenced and experienced in transponder key replacements and duplicates and will respond to your urgent call as an emergency.

With years of experience in programming and coding transponder keys on foreign and domestic vehicles and affordable prices, we are the locksmiths in Randwick to call.


Why Choose Locksmiths Randwick?

First, we are the low cost leaders in transponder key duplicates and replacements Randwick, and we do not make you wait around for hours that lead to days. When you place your call to Locksmiths Randwick, you call a professional that responds quickly. There’s many reasons to choose us, with the top being:

  • We use only the best materials to ensure our transponder keys adhere to the toughest standards in the industry.
  • We stand behind our transponder key services Randwick 100 percent!
  • Our Randwick locksmiths are fully licenced and have years of experience in programming and coding and understand the complexities involved programming the microchip specific to the vehicle’s onboard computer.
  • Locksmiths in Randwick who work 24 hours a day, offering emergency and after hours locksmith services.
  • Affordable transponder key replacements and duplicates.

When you call us, you call a locksmith in Randwick that not only responds fast, but charges a fraction of the cost of a dealer.


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We offer our customers an easy to obtain quote system with no obligation to obtain our services. Simply give us a call at 0420 982 275 or complete our “Get a Quote” form located on this page. With just a few details, we will be able to provide you with a quote that is honoured as the price to complete your transponder key replacement or duplicate, or any other locksmith service your require, and you have our guarantee there won’t be any add-ons or hidden charges tacked on to the ending bill.

There’s no obligation, just a fast and convenient instant quote on your transponder locksmith needs.


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